Nha Trang beach city has been a very population vacation for both international and domestic tourist especially during hot summer days.

 Once coming to Nha Trang, guests could take part in various water sports of swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or still feel attractive while simply lazing on the beach.

Few people know that Nha Trang countryside and its River has a beautiful scenery and daily life of the locals,

At Countryside Adventures, We offer of countryside exploration on Cai River of this coastal city by KAYAK. We’re the first Adventure oporator who bring a new sport to those who want to taste somthing diference from the rest.


Kayaking along a peacuful river.

Experience a daily life of the locals along the bank of the River.

Visiting some local industries such as ship buliding, fishing village.

How different bewteen Swimming in the river and in the Sea?

Visit to Po Negar Towers at the end of the river mouth.

Lunch at local restaurant...

Vietnam Kayaking


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At a glance

  • Tour Type: Kayaking
    Duration: 08 hours
    Kayaking: 02 hours
    Destination: NHA TRANG
    Rider: Max: 10
    Departure: Everyday
    River: calm and quiet
    Kayaking require: No need experience.
    Meal: Local food