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An Unforgettable Experience Through Vietnam Bike Tour

An Unforgettable Experience Through Vietnam Bike Tour

  • Dec 17, 2018

Vietnam has become one of the favorite destinations amongst bag-packers and nature lovers. Tour operators around the world offer tours of this beautiful South Asian country. If you are planning to visit this country, do not wait. The most celebrated cities of Vietnam are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. They are consistently the most visited places by tourists. Whether it is the rural life or the breathtaking views of nature Vietnam has it all, and what better way to experience all this on Vietnam bike tours. Choose a tour operator wisely and plan your trip accordingly. A professional tour operator will guide you through a memorable experience.

Biking trip of Hanoi

If you want to experience a peaceful village life on a bike Hanoi is the place for you. You will have a mesmerizing experience riding across the countryside exploring the ancient Red River and taking in the magnificence of a century-old bridge over it. Do not miss a trip to the local artist estate to take in samples of Vietnamese art. Make sure to visit a ceramic pottery village to have hands-on experience of how they are made. Amidst the exotic flora and fauna enjoy the sunset at West Lake while munching on a local delicacy.

Biking guide of Ho Chi Minh City

You can plan a biking trip of Ho Chi Minh City ranging from a few days to a few weeks as per your tour needs. Consult your trip advisor for Vietnam biking tours and tell your plans so that the trip can be arranged accordingly. It is always good to keep a few extra days in hand to make a few last minute arrangements.

As you ride through the countryside you will experience the friendliness of the locals, the joy they feel when they see you and the warmth with which they receive you. You will have the opportunity to have delectable street food which is an inevitable part of their local cuisine. You will often find yourself riding along a lake or a river and enjoy the moist wind in your hair. Don’t forget to munch on a banh mi at a local restaurant in Saigon!

Mekong bike tour

If you want to have a tantalizing journey away from the hustle-bustle of the city life then there is no better option than a bike trip along the Mekong. Hire a good tour guide who will guide you to experience the picturesque locales and mouthwatering cuisine of southern Vietnam. Along this enchanting route you will encounter small villages and colorful orchards. You can find the freshest fruits and vegetables in the local market and savor the local snacks. So don’t wait. Go on for Mekong bike tours and explore these exotic places at the earliest.