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Know how mesmerizing Vietnam cycling Tour is!

Know how mesmerizing Vietnam cycling Tour is!

  • Jun 04, 2019

Vietnam is an ideal place for a person who is an adventure lover. Starting from eye-catching bays to countless islands along with caves, it has so many things to offer you in your tour. It has the fresh silent countryside to busy towns always filled with hustle and bustle. The best way to explore all the treasure that this country has to offer is by arranging for a Cycling Holidays Vietnam.


It is better to avail the service of a renowned tour operator to have the best experience rather than going all by yourself. It is one of the cost-effective ways. If you are thinking what Vietnam cycling tours can offer then here is a quick look.


  • The Bamboo tracks: If you really wish to see the real side of the country then its best to cycle on the bike tracks that are lined by bamboo bushes in Hoi An. Enjoy the greenery and the fresh fruits and vegetables that fall on the way. Take a boat ride in the village of fisherman, Tra Nhieu and interact with the humble inhabitants of this village. Get involved in their day to day activities starting from knitting the sleeping mats to the preparation of rice noodles. Entice your taste buds with some of the yummy food of the locality and then you can head back to your cycling trail. Ride in the village tracks along with your guide and have an experience of the tranquillity of the numerous coconut forest and have some sips of coconut water before starting your journey. The scenic beauty will just hypnotize you.



The food trail: The old city Hue city has so many authentic local dishes to provide you. So, you must stop in the roadside stalls when you ride your bicycle and satisfy your cravings with these tasty food items, while you are on amazing Vietnam Cycling Tours.

Cycle in the mesmerizing Mekong: The Mekong route for cycling is best and offer you an enchanting trip. You can combine this cycling trip with a boat cruise and then tread along the offbeat tracks little away from the off-beat tracks. Rush into some local breakfast counter and then start your cycling tour from Ba Cang. Most of the times in your route you will get to see so many villages that are making terracotta and pottery in the riverside village and green fields.

It is better to plan a night stay at the local village after a daylong Vietnam Cycling Tour. Mix with the place culture well and enjoy the live know-how of the hospitality of the humble villagers. Moreover, this beautiful place will offer you so many opportunities to click photos of the picturesque countryside while you are in your Vietnam Bike Tours.