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  • The Mekong Delta Cycling Tour 1 Day Is An Eye Opener

The Mekong Delta Cycling Tour 1 Day Is An Eye Opener

The Mekong Delta Cycling Tour 1 Day Is An Eye Opener

  • May 21, 2019

Tourism doesn’t only involve seeing different places but also experiencing the common cultures among the natives. By choosing Mekong delta cycling tour 1 day, you are giving yourself a chance to get an authentic view of the lives of people, who depend on the Mekong River to live and thrive. The people of this place are unparalleled, and you will not encounter friendlier people in all of Asia. The commoners can guide you without hesitation and will also welcome you to their home for lunch, dinner or to spend the night without taking anything in return.


Life floats here

At the Mekong Delta, life is literally floating on the river, and your Mekong Cycling tours will remain incomplete if you don’t sit on a sampan and paddle down the river. The lining of trees on both sides of the river and the fronds of palm trees will appear enchanting. There will be numerous stops along with the houses by this water body from where you can buy candy or dried fruits. Most homes are standing on stilts here to withstand the floods that happen on a regular basis.


Satisfying the belly

It is quite natural to feel rats jumping around in your stomach after all that cycling and rowing. When that happens, try some of the delicacies of Mekong cycling tours Vietnam. The primary speciality of the Mekong Delta is the numerous varieties of fruits. The farmers grow dozens of tropical fruits of different kinds, and it can be quite tricky to state the names of all of them. Some of those fruits include mango, pomelo, star apple, longan fruit, soursop, dragon fruit, mangosteen and more. These are some of the more off-beat fruits that you will come across.


Best time to visit

There is no perfect time to go for a Mekong Delta cycling tour 2 days. You can do it any time of the year because the weather is mostly pleasant. It can be difficult to cycle when it’s raining, but you’ll still witness some exciting aspects of local life which help the natives to survive and prosper. By visiting during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, you will find the locals preparing for the festivals by decorating homes with flowers and preparing unique dishes.