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What To Do When Visiting Saigon, Vietnam

What To Do When Visiting Saigon, Vietnam

  • May 23, 2019

Are you planning your next trip to Vietnam and make it your next holiday destination. If yes is your answer, then here are the lists of activities which you must do when you are going for your Vietnam trip.
Vietnam, one of the lesser popular tourist destinations of South East Asia never fails to attract and impress tourists. Once the country shattered by its civil war, today is again attracting visitors primarily by the Mekong Cycling Tours.


Know more about these trips in details

When you are in Vietnam, you are sure to visit this place Saigon. Saigon or the Ho Chi Minh City as it is referred.is situated in South Vietnam and its capital. Saigon played a major role in the Vietnam Civil War. But today the scenario has changed. The place offers attractive destinations for tourists to visit when you are in Saigon, things to do include visiting Saigon food tours, Saigon on motorbike, Saigon Mekong Delta tour, Saigon river tours.</p>

Saigon food tours

Things To Do In Saigon

The Saigon food tours definitely indicate street food visits, which is they have to go places. Saigon is one of the top ten places of the World known for its street foods and their authenticity. These street food tours are ideally done in motorbikes often referred to as Saigon on a motorbike. They are done mostly during the night. The food is Vietnamese tradition, one must taste try the local street food which must be relished and enjoyed while you are there in Vietnam. You must experience these local tours sitting behind, the local but professional guides. Again there are ‘morning special dishes’, visited during the day time. Even Vietnamese dinners and coffee are extremely popular. Do not forget to have them.


Take a trip around the Mekong

The Mekong Delta tour is around 4300 KM long; it has cruise, sailing and water tours. You are free to select a package according to your choice and preference. There are full day excursion tours as well as short trips and daily tours. Trips are done in speedboat where the visitors get to know about the river life of the local people. These trips are provided by the expert tour guides, you can book the trips online as well. The Mekong Delta is in South of Vietnam, a vast number of rivers and island is the home to floating markets, Khmer Pagodas, villages surrounded by rice paddies. Their main source of transport is boats. The tours start from the heart of the delta predominantly located at Saigon. One thing worth mentioning is that Mekong Delta has the greatest ecotourism.


River tours for inexplicable joy

The Saigon river tours attract the tourists to a great extent, providing them with varied experiences from shopping to viewing the local life in the riverside to exploring Vietnamese life. So if you plan to visit Vietnam at some time soon, follow these guidelines, exploring Vietnam would become easier for you and your companions. And certainly visit these places mentioned, to make your trip an enjoyable and memorable one. So what are you waiting for visiting these travel spots? Get in touch with Countryside Adventures and make a mark in your travel diary.