On the Road


Roads for riding

Roads for the bike ride is the most important to make the success of the biking holiday.

At Countryside Adventures, our team make a scoute every low season to find out new track and trail to ensure our riders can enjoy the ride every single meter.

Countryside roadsCountryside roads

       Countryside road


Where do we eat?
Cycling tour is a unique way of travel to experience the real countryside life,therefore, it's hard to find out Mac Donald or Star Bukk in the middle of nowhere.
For Cycling tours in Vietnam, we'll enjoy Vietnamese local food at local restaurant for a day ride. Food can be simple as Noodle soup or rice with chiken nad port.
We try our best to choose clean local restaurants with hygiene food.
We will sometime have picnic lunch as it's hard to find local restaurant.
We will have good decorated restaurant when we stay overnight at hotel in every our destination.

Lunch stop at local restaurantRest stop

        Dinner restaurant


What we will support during the ride?
We provide healthy snacks, mineral water, seasonal fruits.
Vietnam is a tropical country, the heat's around the year,even in the raining season, for cycling tour, we advice you to drink as least three to five liters of water per day.

Rest stop

Rest stop

        Rest stop

Does your vehicle support us all the time?
For countryside bike ride, our vehicle can not follow you at all the time as we take small countryside roads, our vehicle have to take a bigger roads, but the vehicle road are running mostly parallel and close with countryside trail. In case of emergency contact we could reach our vehicle with half an hour.

Where do we stay for a bike tour?
Accommodation is also reflect the culture of every destination of our stay.
At Countryside Adventure, we try to use local accommodation such as local homesay from Sapa to Mekong Delta. 
For hotel, We sellect hotel that reflect the image of the town/city where you stay overnight.


Can we stop to take picture on the way or visit some of local sites?
Sure, you can stop anytime to take a photo or to chat with the locals, stop to visit local handicrafts or any historical sites, temple...
Above information are what happening on the bike ride. If you would like to know any further, please feel free to let us know.
Countryside Adventures Team              


Visit to local house

Visit to local temple

       Local Wedding party