Vietnam Kayaking - Nha Trang, Saigon, and Mekong Delta Kayaking


Vietnam is a wide exploring, charming, historically and traditionally intense and astounding country, and there are a few things that every tourist should know before they pack up their backpacks and head to visit Vietnam.


Vietnam is a peaceful and safe country to explore. With a handful of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble-free.



Kayaking Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City, generally identified as Saigon, was also a major support point of the war in past. If you like to explore Saigon's some of the outstanding kayaking experiences then Countryside adventure must be best tour operator. Saigon kayaking day trips out to the floating markets and villages of the Mekong Delta are one of the best attractions, and if you’re looking for a more isolated adventure, the Can Gio mangrove forests are the best places to explore with.


Mekong Delta Kayaking


Visiting the Mekong Delta — Vietnam’s wonderland of rice paddies, bobbing markets and dark coloured canals — meant taking a package tour. The few Nomad travellers who did come folded blank stares or unreasonable prices as state-run tourist services acquired most activities. 


Nha Trang Kayaking


Let’s begin a wonderful drive through the countryside to Nha Trang Cai river by kayaking. While paddling the smooth and glassy river and experiencing the calmness of the river bank views. While kayaking into the countryside where we will pass the local Vietnamese markets and see the magnificent rice paddy fields that stretch out into a large area. We paddling through the fragile wood bridge that crosses the Cai River which carries us to the astonishing bamboo village. This Vietnam kayaking can prove to be the most amazing trip you have ever experience.



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