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Dear adventurers,

Please see below are some most frequent questions from riders/paddlers for our adventure tours – Cycling and Kayaking.
If those are not your questions, please send your inquiry to our local experts and we will get back to you at the shortest time.

1. How long do I have to book your bike/Kayak tours in advance?

Usually, we advice you to book your bike/kayak tours at least one month before your departure to keep your hands/legs in. For urgent request, please make a call to one of our local concultants to check the availability of your requested tours.

2. I am 75, can I still travel with one of your adventure tours?

In theory, yes you can. There is no upper age limit on any of our trips, although we do require those over the age of 70 to send a letter along with their booking to confirm that they fully understand the implications of the trip and that they are fit enough to participate fully.

3. Do I have to make a deposit and how much for each of your tours?

Yes, you have to make a deposit once you select one of our tours. Deposit amount depending on the short along tours you travel with us. Usually, 20% of the total cost will be applied to deposit.

4. What kind of Bike your company uses?

Countryside Adventures uses well-known mountain bikes fitted with fatter road & dirt (hybrid) tires.
All our bikes are from 24 – 27-speed gearing. V- brake or dist brakes are available with Shimano components. All bikes have front suspension.
All bikes size are available ranging from 13 to 22 inches. We do offer bikes for kids as well.

For most of our cycling tours, bikes are included. Should you bring your own bike for a longer tour such as Saigon to Hanoi, please let us know to subtract bike hired from package tours.

5. What kind of Kayak do you use?

Currently, We use two kinds of Kayaks: Inflatable for short tours such as kayaking around the Floating market or fishing village and Solid Kayak for longer Kayaking tours.
We offer single, Double and Family Kayak, please let us know in advance to arrange proper kayak on your request.

6. What are the roads like?

Countryside Adventures count every year to find out new countryside path, single track, trails to make sure riders can experience the real countryside.
It’s about 80 percent of our cycling route are countryside roads, we try to avoid as much busy highway as possible to make sure you can free in mind when cycling with us.

7. Where do your kayaking tour, in the River or the Sea?

Currently, our location for Kayaking is in the Mekong Delta River, canals, Fishing Villages, Mangrove forest to make sure paddlers can experience the real water life.
We also offer Kayaking tours in Nha Trang beach, both rivers, and the Sea.

8. At what age can the kids cycle along with me on the country road?

Perhaps 10 and onwards, Countryside Adventures has a range of bicycles catering for different ages and heights from 1.2m. Your kids can cycle along with you. We also offer bike trailer for kids that can not ride a bike but follow parent for a bike trip.

9. How long do I kayak per day?

It depending on your paddling, usually, kayaking trip takes about two hours in morning and afternoon.

10. I stop cycling for a long time, can I join your bike tour?

Yes, you can, One of our bike tours in the Mekong Delta is safe and easy for everyone as its flat and quiet.

11. I have no experience for kayaking, can I join your kayak tour?

Yes, you can, No experience require for kayaking. Our experienced guide will share with you how to kayak. We test paddling for a while before our kayaking.

13. Can we do kayaking tour during the raining season?

Yes, we can, the raining season in the Mekong Delta is not much with a maximum time is an hour. You can take kayaking trip year around.

14. What do I wear for Kayaking tour?

Easy –dried clothes are recommended.please see bellow is stuff for your kayaking trip
For Personal Comfort:
Sun Protection
Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
Small Dry Bag
For snacks, medication – things you will need at hand. Zip locking bags work perfectly fine for this. Just a note – if you are taking along medication, only take enough for a few days beyond your intended paddle time – you don’t want to risk your prescription bottle becoming fish food!
Warmer Clothes
A sweater or fleece pullover and long pants in case the weather turns cooler.
Foot Protection
You will want to have a pair of flexible sneakers or sandals on board for walking protection on shore. Make sure they’re not your best pair because they’re going to get wet. Flip-flops are great but they tend to get stuck in sand or mud if you have to step out in shallow water. I use a “demoted” pair of sneakers.

15. I am too big and tall, does your kayak size fit me?

No worry, We do have double Kayak which is comfortable for big size.

16.what is a safe distance for a beginner trip?

I would say time is more important than distance… Time to practice paddling and learn other aspects of kayaking. I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing safety and rescue, weather preparation, water temperature, etc. If you want to plan a kayaking trip, spend some time with an experienced paddling friend or join club or group where you can learn lots. Often clubs/groups plan day trips and these are a great introduction and you’ll have a blast. It’s always good to have experience behind you if the unexpected happens. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination!

17. what is the best time for kayaking tour?
Kayaking depending on the tide level. It’s nice waterscape and kayaking in a small canal when high tide. It’s good kayaking in the morning. All our chosen locations such as Fishing village, floating market where you can enjoy kayaking all year round.

18. What is your group size for bike/kayak trip?
We refer small group size maximum at 10 riders or paddlers, thus we could manage easier and most important is the quality of our services to clients.

19. Is there any support boat during our kayaking tour?
Yes, there’s a boat always near your Kayaking just in case of emergency rescue.

20. Where do we stay if we take more than one-day kayaking trip?
For both bike and kayak tours, we use first choice at local homestay where adventurers can experience the real local life and for us, that’s also the way to support local community. We also have hotels ranging from 03 to 05 stars in the Mekong Delta.

Countryside Adventures Team