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Grades Explained

Grades Explained

At Countryside Adventures, we set adventurous levels by the number from 01 to 10.

From 01 – 03: For beginners

Suitable for most people in good health who occasionally ride a bike or paddle a kayak. Cycling or Kayaking holidays at this grade are predominantly on paved roads involving only gentle climbs, with daily distances between 25 km (16 miles) and 60 km (38 miles). Appropriate as an introduction to cycling holidays, vehicle support is always available.

Kayaking at this stage is on quiet canals. Kayaking duration about 01 -02 hours with boat support always available.

From 04 – 07: Intermediate

Right for leisure cyclists who are used to cycling paved roads and forestry roads, with limited off-road experience. Relatively short days with distances that rarely exceed 70km (44 miles) and vehicle support is always available. These holidays are suitable for moderate bikers looking for a fun challenge.

For kayaking, these kayakers used to kayaking not only in the quiet canals but also on the rivers with some waves. Kayaking duration for this stage usually from 02 – 03 hours per day.

These adventures are suitable for moderate kayakers looking for a bit challenging.

From 08 – 10: Advanced

These holidays will provide a challenge for regular weekend cyclists. Mountain biking holidays at this grade will require reasonable off-road skills, whilst road tours are aimed at those who are used to weekend rides of 75-95 km (45-60 miles) per day. Fitness and regular training is important for these trips. A support vehicle will not be always available.

True epic rides that will provide a real sustained experience and involve long days, often in isolated areas. Mountain bike trips will include technically demanding singletrack ascents and descents, as well as portage sections. Road rides at this level include classic Alpine routes with major climbs and descents, demanding a high level of endurance. They are perfect for regular sportive/club riders. Average 100+ km per day. You need to be confident in your fitness and ability.

Kayaking holidays at this levels require for experienced kayakers, kayaking skills as we offer a long kayaking day without boat support. the true experience holiday requires a long kayaking from 04 to 06 hours per day not only in the tough river but also in the sea.