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Kayak Information

Kayak Information

Kayaking is one of the fastest-growing individual and family sports/activities nowadays. It is a form of recreation for everybody, and it can bring a lot of excitement and enjoyment to outdoor enthusiasts. 
At Countryside Adventures, we offer kayaking in the  Mekong Delta using all of the  Kayaks ranging from single to double for kayaking tours from the Mekong River to the Sea. 
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Please find some useful information for your kayaking tour: bellow are some useful information for your kayaking tour:

Kayaking Preparation – What to Bring

There is a lot of things you need to know before heading on that Kayaking adventure. For starters, the Kayaking outfitters bridge already has the essentials that you will need. If you’ve already tried Kayaking, you already know what you need to bring.

  • Extra clothes, bathing suits
  •  Hat
  •  Sunglasses
  • Water shoes
  • Enough drinking water/snacks
  •  Sunscreen
  • Towel

Your set of Kayaking Apparel is designed to keep you protected and warm even when wet. Clothes made of cotton are not advisable as this material retains water which makes it longer to dry and will not keep you warm.

If you are allergic to insect bites or stings, bring the necessary medications and insect repellants. Apply sunscreen trước heading không cần phải là. Sun’s rays reflecting on the water greatly increases the chances of getting sunburn. Put sunscreen even on a cloudy day. Hat and sunglasses are also necessary.

For night Kayaking, you will need a waterproof flashlight. We do have some Kayaking trips that will allow you to sleep and camp overnight, so pack light. Just bring a small bag and all the necessities that you will need.

Kayaking Safety Tips

Whether you are in Sea Kayaking or Whitewater Kayaking, this activity brings out the outdoor adventure spirit in you. Go paddling and you will understand why more and more people are getting hooked in this water activity. But before anything else, it is important to note that any outdoor activity comes with innate risks. This is one of the essential features of the activity that every paddler or kayaker should know and understand. But do not fret. You can minimize the risks and ensure a safe trip.hooked in this water activity. But before anything else, it is

Have a better understanding of the activity.

Knowing the basics of Kayaking will keep you on guard. Be mentally prepared to understand the dangers involved and to know what to do and how to react to different situations.

Be physically ready.

Develop physical strength and endurance. Nếu có thể bắt đầu, bạn có thể xem tại đâybeginner, you may be surprised at how tiring Paddling can be even though you are just doing it in a short distance.

Fuel up.

Make sure your body is up for an activity. Fuel up with the right kind of food. In addition, bring enough water to keep yourself well hydrated.

Plan and prepare for the trip.

 Carry out a briefing before heading out. Prepare all the necessary pieces of Kayaking Gear. traveling with the group, make sure that everyone knows what the plan is, as well as the designated tasks. Carry out a briefing before heading out. Prepare all the necessary pieces of Kayaking Gear.

Wear safety gear.

Buoyancy or flotation aids and helmets are indispensable pieces of safety equipment. Don’t Kayaking without wearing your PFD and headgear. Also, make sure to wear the right pieces of Kayaking Clothing. headgear. Also, make sure to wear the right pieces of Kayaking Clothing.

 Apply sunscreen.

Protect your skin even during cloudy days. UV rays reflect on the water so apply sunscreen as needed.

It pays to equip yourself – gear-wise, mentally, and physically – to ensure that you will be safe throughout the trip. Safety spells fun and exciting adventure so heed the precautions, stay safe, and have fun!

Countryside Adventures Team