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Food For Both The Regular And The Adventurous Eaters On Mekong Bike Tours Vietnam

Food For Both The Regular And The Adventurous Eaters On Mekong Bike Tours Vietnam

  • Apr 05, 2019

It can appear as quite surprising to you, but Vietnam is highly renowned for its culinary skills. Not only is the grub available here tasty but also unique in different ways. Some dishes may kill your appetite, but you can never say no to something until you try it out, especially when you’re on Mekong bike tours Vietnam. Apart from the heavy harvests of tropical fruits, you can also indulge in seafood. After all, snaking waterways cover a massive area of the country.


  • Fish noodles


As mentioned earlier, Mekong Delta can serve you a plethora of seafood dishes that you will not find anywhere else, except on Mekong bike tours. You should try the Bun Ca, or the fish noodles, which is a favorite among tourists and they post pictures of it on social media. It is a mishmash dish of unusual ingredients, but the primary emphasis lies on the boiled and sliced snakehead fish. It also contains pork, some prawns, a lot of green veggies and bean sprouts. The entire thing sits in a hot fish broth.


  • Grilled rolls of meat


The floating market is not the only reason for Cai Rang to be famous. When on Mekong bike tour 1 day, you have to try out the nem nuong, or grilled meat rolls. It is one of the most sought-after delicacies of Mekong Delta and is exceptional for its gastronomy. The general ingredients include vegetables, carambola, grilled meat, green banana, cucumber, and some others. By holding a rice paper in one hand, you have to pick up some of your favorite veggies and the grilled meat with the other. Roll up the concoction, dip it in thick soy sauce and enjoy eating it.


  • Other culinary delights

If you think sincerely, you will understand that the people of Vietnam have a profound connection with nature, especially the Mekong Delta. Rice is a staple of the country, and more than fifty percent of it comes from this place. Mekong Delta also accounts for almost seventy percent of Vietnam’s fruit necessities. If the tasty delicacies given above can’t move you, then you’re probably one of the more adventurous eaters. So, you should try Bee Worm Salad or Coconut Mouse meat on Mekong bike tour 2 days. Revealing the ingredients will ruin the surprise, and you have to know about it from the chefs of Vietnamese eateries.