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Rely On These Tips While Cycling Vietnam North To South

Rely On These Tips While Cycling Vietnam North To South

  • May 16, 2019

For anyone who loves to explore a travel destination on cycles, there is no better place than Vietnam. If you rummage through the internet, then you will come across people who have been cycling Vietnam north to south and vice versa for several years. These people never feel this journey getting boring even after cycling the long track multiple times. This topic aims to provide you a few tips to ease your first-time experience of cross-country cycling.


Road safety

There are hundreds of bicycles on the streets of Vietnam. As a result, cars, trucks, and buses are quite used to sharing the roads with cyclists. The traffic on the streets is mellow which makes cycling Vietnam safe. Though, there is a possibility of you encountering congested areas at times which decreases your speed. For someone who likes to roll down the path in a leisurely manner, Vietnam’s roads won’t disappoint.


Repairing and accommodation

About sixteen years ago from now, you wouldn’t find spare parts for your cycle anywhere. The nation couldn’t even supply tourists with proper bikes either. However, the story is entirely different now, and while cycling Vietnam lonely planet, you will notice quality cycle stores and spare parts at reasonable prices everywhere. The small towns don’t have access to high-end cycles, but you will get some excellent bikes at urban locations. There are hotels on almost every street corner, which means, no trouble finding a place to spend the night. You can even park your cycle in the reception area of some hotels.


The hospitality of the locals

Finally, it is about the natives of Vietnam whom you will encounter as you pedal down the streets. The people you meet while cycling Vietnam Laos and Cambodia are all hospitable and friendly. Of course, you will find write-ups on the web where people complain that the natives of Vietnam are always on the lookout to rip you off. The truth is precisely the opposite, and most people will be happy to see you, though some swindlers will cross your path along the way, but you can avoid them with a little wit and vigilance.